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Hostgator vs Bluehost 2016

Both Hostgator and Bluehost have been in the web hosting industry for quite some time. They both have a fair amount of loyal customers, so it is not easy to say which one is better. Selecting a web hosting company for hosting your site can be a tedious job especially with hundreds of options available. Here we will talk about Hostgator vs Bluehost.

Hostgator vs Bluehost

Plans and Features – Hostgator vs Bluehost:

Both the companies offer attractive shared hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and reseller hosting packages. Hostgator’s basic plan starts at $3.95/mo while Bluehost charges $7.99/mo for their starting plan. Hostgator’s platform comes with a plethora of applications for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wiki and phpBB hosting. The company also provides excellent reseller plans that provide 160 GB disk space, 1200 GB bandwidth, and unlimited domains for just $74.95/mo which is very reasonable.

Response Time – Hostgator vs Bluehost:

In the test we conducted using Pingdom, we found that a website (of 450 MB size) hosted on Hostgator loads in 1.2 seconds, whereas a website of the same size hosted on Bluehost needed 5.4 secs to load. Here, Hostgator clearly wins by a huge margin.

Speed Test – Hostgator vs Bluehost:

Before choosing a web host, you should perform a speed test on multiple websites hosted on it. When we performed a speed test using Pingdom, it was found that the sites hosted on Hostgator loaded almost 50% faster than those on Bluehost.

User Interface – Hostgator vs Bluehost:

Both the companies provide cPanel, a user-friendly control panel which can be easily managed by someone with no technical skills to install WordPress or Joomla web scripts. The cPanel also has top notch security features to keep your files safe from hackers and viruses. However, Hostgator is one step ahead owing to their customized cPanel. Also, the billing sections of both the hosting providers are easy to navigate.

Performance and Reliability – Hostgator vs Bluehost:

All Hostgator sites are physically hosted on powerful Dual Xenon servers located in Dallas. Their top-of-the-line data centers are well equipped with advanced hardware. The company is known to invest millions of dollars every year on upgrading their equipment and providing better security measures. Bluehost uses the CPU Segregation Technology which can protect your site by intelligently controlling the CPU.

Uptime – Hostgator vs Bluehost:

Visitors shun website downtime, and so, you lose revenue whenever your website goes down or becomes unresponsive. Both the companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. Between March 25 and April 2, Hostgator has just 1 outage of 1 minute while Bluehost had 11 outages which collectively made their services unavailable for 51 minutes.

Customer Support:

Both the web hosting companies have a great customer support teams which are available 24/7. Whenever you experience an issue with a website or server, all you need to do is to raise a ticket, and the support personnel will contact you shortly. In addition, you can also report the issue via phone, live chat or email.



Hostgator is the ultimate winner in every segment. Thanks to their reliable services, they earned millions of happy customers.

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WPEngine vs iPage – Detailed Comparison

WPEngine and iPage are the two leading hosting companies. Are you unsure as to which of these two hosting companies is better?
Here is a detailed comparison of WPEngine vs iPage to help you decide and choose the right hosting plan from the best hosting company.

WPEngine and iPage Comparison

Main Features

WPEngine offers hosting plans that are superior and better than most of its competitors for a few good reasons.

First, they offer more personalized services to their customers irrespective of their hosting plans. Second, even on their shared hosting plan, you will get local storage (starting from 10GB) which is not the case with other hosting companies.

Other prominent features include 60 days money back guarantee, unlimited data, ability to test your website on the host before buying a plan, free migration, 24/7 customer support and many others.

iPage offers a whole lot of free stuff to its customers like free domain, online store, marketing credits, security suite, and website builder. iPage offers 30 days money back guarantee to its new customers.

WPEngine is though expensive but offers better features as compared to iPage.

WPEngine: 5/5
iPage: 4/5

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Hosting Plans


WPEngine offers three shared hosting plans:

1. Personal ($29 per month)
2. Professional ($99 per month)
3. Business ($249 per month)

The Personal shared hosting plan is the smallest plan that you can opt for. It is best for websites that receive up to 25K visitors a month. The Personal plan comes with one install, 10 GB storage, 24/7 chat support and unlimited data.

Professional plan is suitable for 100K visitors a month and comes with 10 installations. You get 20GB storage along with 24/7 phone support.

The business plan is best for 400K visits. It comes with 25 installs, 30GB local storage, and GEO IP.

iPage offers three shared hosting plans too. Two hosting plans are specifically for WordPress hosting while one is a general hosting plan.

The non-WordPress core web hosting plan is priced at $12.95 per month while the first-month charges are $1.99. It comes with unlimited domains, space, storage, emails and you get quite a few free services.

The two WordPress hosting plans are:

1. WP Starter ($10.49 per month – First month $3.75)
2. WP Essential ($12.49 per month – First month $6.95)

These hosting plans have all the features of their core hosting plan. The WP Starter comes with pre-installed WordPress themes and plugins.

WP Essential plan is more advanced which comes with pre-installed themes and plugins, security, and super speed.

Though WPEngine’s shared hosting is expensive but it is definitely better and more powerful than iPage’s shared hosting plans.

WPEngine: 5/5
iPage: 4.5/5


iPage does not offer dedicated hosting.

WPEngine offers two dedicated hosting plans:

1. Premium
2. Enterprise

The pricing of these plans is not available on the website as these are customized plans. Customers have to call to get pricing details.

Premium is suitable for websites with 1 million visitors with 150 installs and enterprise is for websites with 5 million visits a month with 150 installs.

WPEngine: 5/5
iPage: 1/5


WPEngine overall score is 5/5 and the iPage overall score is 3.1/5.
WPEngine is better in terms of features and hosting plans while the major issue with iPage is the absence of dedicated hosting which is really a much needed plan.